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Facing medical, behavioral health, or substance abuse issues can be emotionally challenging and financially stressful for families. Similarly, we understand that providers must focus on the treatment of their patients rather than navigating through complicated utilization review, claims, and appeal processes. Since 1990, Denials Management, Inc. has been partnering with families and providers to assist in resolving the specific insurance problems they are facing. Our experienced medical insurance advocates offer a variety of services, such as claims management, fighting insurance denials, and much more.

Claim Appeal Services

If your insurance claim has been denied, we can help! Our claim appeal services can aid you and your loved ones to receive the reimbursement you deserve. Just fill out our contact form and one of our health insurance experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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We know that your claim or denial situation is time sensitive and may need immediate attention. If that is the case, you can register now. Quickly fill out our registration form, so we can get to know you and your case better! We will reach out to you promptly. Questions? Call us at 866-322-0787


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