Businesses no longer simply rely on information technology (IT), using it as a convenient crutch to conduct daily operations with automated ease. Today’s businesses leverage innovative technology solutions for powerful and sustainable business growth. This is why outsourced IT support is such a hot topic. You may have a perfectly good in-house IT department whom you rely on for all those IT hiccups and hurdles, but are you truly leveraging technology in a way that improves and grows your business?

Why In-house IT beneficial

They know your business.

They’ve probably been around a while, so they’re pretty integrated in your business. They work with other parts of your team to understand the value that each individual and each department provides for your business. They know what your business needs to make it run smoothly and boost your top line.

They know your people.

Assuming your IT team or professional is business savvy and curious, they know your people, your users, your customers and your prospects. They understand your business goals, metrics of success and where your team needs to go.

They know your set up.

For the more tactical side of things, having a help desk in-house has its benefits. This is a support team who has built up in-depth knowledge about your systems and set up, and therefore has the ability to skip that “get-to-know-you” on boarding stage and fix problems quickly.

You know where they are.

IT is on site and usually servicing just your company. They’re therefore available at your beck and call: A user gets up, walks over to the IT professional and says, “Hey, I need help with this.”