Specialized Medical Coding Services

Receiving appropriate payment for medical services rendered is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers. With higher numbers of self-pay patients and the increasing complexities of legislative mandates, your practice is at a greater risk for repeated denials, revenue shortfalls, and compliance issues.  Without dedicated specialists to help manage the process and work with physicians to ensure accurate documentation, maintaining and growing a healthy, profitable practice can be a significant challenge.  Accurate, thorough medical coding is simply a must-have for modern, successful healthcare practices.

The HAP Advantage

  • Expert, certified coders that are specialty-specific and dedicated to your account
  • A comprehensive process tailored to your specific policies and protocols
  • Proprietary workflow management system that supports the coding process and tracks every record, code, and status
  • A multi-faceted rules engine that supports compliance and accurate code assignment
  • Automated charge entry designed to eliminate manual processes and errors
  • An integrated communication process to identify documentation issues and proactively avoid them
  • An organization that is passionate about customer service, education, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the revenue cycle
"For the first four months following the transition, our billing exceeded budgeted targets by $2.9 million and cash collections increased by $350,000."
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