Optimize your technology environment with our Managed IT Services.

Infrastructure Management

If your business was a film, those managing your behind the scenes are your heroes; without them managing the technology would have been a challenge or your film might have flopped!
We build your network design services to provide you a secure, reliable, and cost effective computing and communication infrastructure. Our service ranges from the desktop to network, storage, data, security and cloud based services. We minimize your downtime and keep your business running as much as possible. Our team of expert engineers is responsible for issues including network, connectivity as well as monitoring mobile devices and its maintenance. We carefully integrate all the components so they function well in your working environment.

Application Management

We manage your softwares like Athena, ecw, Advanced MD, Emds and Updox, EPIC, PACS like Sepstream, One PACS.Our application management services focus on your business optimization and innovation.
Infotech Houston Solutions’ flexible approach enables your business to fine tune application management services to meet the business objectives. It is important for any business to keep up with the latest trends of technologies and remain agile in today’s dynamic business environment. We rethink your existing approach to application management and push new versions of your software for you, results in robust and comprehensive external support that covers full range of IT needs.

On Demand IT

Not ready for managed IT services? Our on demand IT services are designed to provide you the instant care. Unfortunately, the last minute is not the best time to find a quality IT service provider until now. Get ahead of the game by lining up your technology before disaster strikes.
With On Demand IT Services you get:

IT Projects

Our detailed planning, IT project management, and defined project milestones finish your project in timely manner.


Cabling can have many moving parts and timing is really everything in cabling. Your network cabling installation is crucial to the proper functioning of your office communications and business services. We coordinate your cabling in conjunction with other work such as remodeling, painting.

Access points

Access point is a networking device that allows wireless capable device to connect to a wired network. It creates wireless local area network in your office. Each access point gives you the freedom to scale the number of devices supported on your network.

DVR setup

DVR maximizes your CCTV camera coverage and minimize cable length; it reduces the in line losses that affect video quality. We choose a right corner for your CCTC camera considering your security. We make sure that the power socket is also in the close proximity