Revenue Cycle Management

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HIPAA Compliant Network

Visiting a doctor may seem like a one-to-one interaction. But in reality, it is a complex part of insurance and payment. You may only have direct interaction with one person or healthcare provider but it has three layers to it. The first is the patient, second is your healthcare provider and the third is your insurance company.

We negotiate and arrange for payment between these three layers and ensure that the healthcare provider gets compensation for their services by patients and insurance agencies.


Our billers and coders collect all the information about the patient and the patient’s procedure, and compile a bill for the insurance company. Our Revenue Cycle Management aligns with HIPAA complaint’s protocols and security standards.
We collect your data including name, medical history, payer details and payment mode. It helps you and the provide. We streamline the proves and increase the overall patient experience.
All the information collected during pre-registration is supported in registration process. We detect error from your form and brought to your attention before the error escalates to a serious problem.
Eligibility verification
We verify the patient’s current insurance eligibility and update patient’s account with its status.
Benefits verification
Benefits verification verify patient’s benefits and deductible balance.
Our authorization process gets approval from the insurance carrier to treat certain services. It entails procuring an authorization number that has to be included on the claim during submission. Authorization increases your chance of hassle-free claims.
Charge entry
Patient’s service provider records the information given to the patient and send charges to the insurance company. Charge entry is all about codes and there is a probability of human error in it. Our medical coders play a key role in this process and makes sure that hospitals receive full companion from their payers.
Claim Submission
All claims will be generated electronically and receipt of acknowledgement will be provided by insurer to prevent loss. In the occurrence of mistakes or other challenges faced during submission, resolution will be provided within 24 hours to resend baring clinical discrepancies.
Denial management
Our team understand the cause of discrepancies, and recover it with corrective measures. Initial analysis of outstanding amount helps us to take accurate actions to recover as much as revenue from the claims filled in the past. At Infotech Houston Solutions, unpaid claims have the highest priority.
Our credentialing verifies that patients’ nurses and doctors are qualified and have professional experience to provide healthcare to their patients. If the health care provider does not have medical credentialing, reimbursement process becomes difficult.